Cannot see GP Reports Viewer menu options after installing it

ISSUE:  GP Reports Viewer has been installed, but there are no options for it on the menus.  User is POWERUSER in GP, so permissions are not an issue.


EXPLANATION:  This can happen if GP Reports Viewer is not installed to the same location as the Dynamics GP code.  

By default, the GP Reports Viewer installer will ‘suggest’ the location of the very first Dynamics.set file it finds on your computer for the GP Reports Viewer installation.  If you have an older version or another installation of Dynamics GP on the same computer, the installer may have suggested the wrong location during installation.


SOLUTION:  To fix this, uninstall GP Reports Viewer, then install it again. (Please note that simply moving the physical files does not usually work.)


SOURCE:  Support ticket 1152

KB ARTICLE:  20876682

LAST UPDATED:  October 4, 2010

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