"Remove range operation in 'GPRV_POP_PrintDocList_TEMP' failed accessing SQL data" when printing PO

ISSUE:  Receiving "Remove range operation in 'GPRV_POP_PrintDocList_TEMP' failed accessing SQL data" error when printing a PO using the POP replacement functionality. Clicking More Info shows: "Number of results columns doesn't match table definition". This started happening after upgrading Dynamics GP and GP Reports Viewer from an older version.


SOLUTION 1:  When emailing for SOP and POP documents was introduced to GP Reports Viewer a new parameter was needed for both SOP and POP reports to allow the emailing to work. Details on the parameters required can be found in the Modifying a Report for Use with Purchase Order Processing section of the GP Reports Viewer User Guide.


SOLUTION 2:  If you have already added the additional parameter to your POP reports and are still seeing this error, it is likely that the SQL objects used by the POP replacement feature did not get updated properly during the GP Reports Viewer upgrade. Below are the steps to fix this:

1. Get all users out of the Dynamics GP company that is having the problem.

2. Make a backup of the SQL database for that company.

3. In SQL Server Management Studio run the following script against the company database:

drop table GPRV_POP50200 
drop proc zDP_GPRV_POP50200F_1
drop proc zDP_GPRV_POP50200L_1
drop proc zDP_GPRV_POP50200N_1
drop proc zDP_GPRV_POP50200SD
drop proc zDP_GPRV_POP50200SI
drop proc zDP_GPRV_POP50200SS_1


4. Log into Dynamics GP as 'sa'.

5. Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tols | GP Reports Viewer | Installation, select the company in the list, click Install, then Yes to the installation confirmation message.

 6. If your Crystal or SSRS report is referencing table GPRV_POP50200 directly (as opposed to pointing to a view or stored procedure that includes that table), please open your report and update it to include the current fields in the table. In Crystal Reports this can be done by going to Database | Verify Database. In SSRS this can be done by refreshing the fields in your Dataset.


KB ARTICLE:  101537506

LAST UPDATED:  December 5, 2015


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